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Fuckit List Part II

Nov 18, 2014 breakupedia

Take a taxi ride that is “TAXI CAB CONFESSIONS” worthy..
Dance in your fav retro bar with no shoes on
Make out with a black man/woman.
Get a partner to “head south”in a moving vehicle
Hook up with someone that you KNOW doesn’t speak English.
Hug a panda – in heat.
Pick someone up with an opening line from a Rolling Stones song.
Run a marathon for the sexual stamina of it..Kiss a random guy at the end of it!
Wake up in a strange bed.
Go on a blind date.
Make out with the band.
Dis the drummer for his own lead singer.
ROCK STAR MOVE: “excuse me while I kiss this guy!”
Go to a party with a super agent – leave with his best client.
Go to a ‘black tie’ – roll commando..
Act out a verse of your favorite Prince song with a stranger.
“Give good face” to your fav female bestie..
Share an “L-Word” moment with your favorite female candidate(lipstick only!)