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Jan 02, 2015 breakupedia

Two words.. IT’S OVER. You thought it. You did it. Now you have to live it.
But how?

Now in this day and age wiping someone out of your life can be time consuming, I’ll grant you that, but here’s the modus operandi:
• dead them as a Facebook friend. cut off that access to your life – AND the lives of your friends {story to be told later!}
• clear them out of your speed dial – if the junk food isn’t sitting right in the palm of your hand you are less likely to binge on it!
• burn his clothes, gift his watch to a sibling, have a yard sale for his things,put em in a manilla envelope like he just got out of prison and mail them COD to him or her STAT! – just clear their ‘energy- through-items’ out of your space!
• change that status to “SINGLE”, recall what was good about your relationship one last time, the kiss it good bye!
• Promptly send out an email expounding the virtues of being minted “newly single” and make good on it by executing the final stage of this plan – immediately engage in a one-night stand. Nothing clears the fog better than a new view and fresh perspective.

Mglicherweise ist ihnen dann schon aufgefallen, dass es ganz unterschiedliche nutzertypen in diesen gruppen gibt.