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Just the RIGHT amount of WRONG…

Mar 15, 2015 breakupedia

Is that the kind of lover you like?
HE is never on-time..
Forgets to call.
Texts during foreplay – never mind dinner!!
Will pick up at a funeral, hit on your mom{if she’s hot enough} – has had your sister and might be in bed with your best friend right at this very moment…

And yet you find him IRRESISTABLE!

Can’t stop thinking about him and what he might do to you – all the while not being sure where he is or who he might even be with!!
You say,”just the tip” and he tries anal?
He rounds third base by requesting full-on head
Wakes you up with a dick on your back??
Thinks greeting you with a stranger in your bed is a ‘gift of love for the both of you’
And can’t comprehend the harm in using tongue when greeting your friends from the office..

BUT he’s “YOURS AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE HIM”! That is what ever is actually left….

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