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Jasmine Waltz Talks Break Up With Lee Ryan: ‘He Has Gay Tendencies’

Jul 20, 2015 breakupedia


We covered this as one of our Breakupedia definitions. So she’s saying Lee Ryan is Gay Adjacent  ?

“Celebrity Big Brother” star and model Jasmine Waltz opened about her break up with Lee Ryan and revealed that her ex really “has gay tendencies.”

Waltz previously tweeted that the reason for their breakup was Ryan’s infidelity but not with another girl.

After just two months of being together, Waltz confessed that Ryan slept with another man.

The Blues singer meanwhile responded, “I’ve been asked by a few people why I haven’t reacted over recent claims & my answer is this… They claims that I am gay don’t faze me. I don’t care if people think I’m gay, why would I care? I would be proud. Sexuality doesn’t need to be defended or justified.”

Ryan’s response did not appease fans. Instead, they continued to question whether or not he’s really gay. Some have tweeted, “If he’s not gay, why didn’t he just say that he isn’t?”

Meanwhile, Waltz told New Magazine, “He’s slept with men. Does that make him bisexual? He definitely has gay tendencies. For him to say he’s not gay but he’s slept with multiple men – is he delusional?”

Waltz also confessed that she was not surprised by her ex-boyfriend’s recent arrest. She said that she’s always known he will be arrested at one point in his life.

“He needed to get help, that was very apparent. All the mood swings, the heavy drinking – he wasn’t in a very good place at all.”
Waltz also told New Magazine that it only took her a few days to realize that something was wrong with Ryan.

“I said that he needed mental help, like a psychologist or therapist. The ups and downs and the binge drinking. He had a lot of demons and no way of coping.”

The reality TV star also talked about their recent visit to Thailand. “He left me downtown by myself with no phone and no money. He just walked away because he was drunk. That was one of the scariest moments of my life.”

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