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Breakups are not just for lovers

Sep 10, 2015 breakupedia

Break ups are more than just for relationships of love:

  • Work ones
  • Hair dresser
  • Friendships

A post like this is a as a much warning as it is intended to inform. Beware:  breakups are not just for lovers!

Every single relationship you have in your life – co-worker, employer-employee, mechanic, hairdresser, barber – anyone you might find “cool”  or that you have struck that ‘special chord’ with … is gonna require a proper break up when the split comes down.

That insurance guy with the hook up – your ‘car guy’ who details your car on the cheap – they are both gonna need some kind of tactic when you decide to leave em..

Quick example-  my girlfriend had a hairdresser whom she went to and trusted for years. He injured himself and had to take leave and he funneled his clients to another hair dresser in the shop to cover his clients until his return. Good in theory until she thought about how much better her hair looked each week that he was gone and the new guy was showing his skills! Don’t you know she had to go through a three step process(to be named later) just to let this aging ‘hair style engineer’ down easy so he wouldn’t kirk-out and throw a tantrum each time he saw her in the new guy’s chair going forward!

Does she hit him directly with the bad news? ignore his calls? Or change salons and just fade from existence? What tactic is gonna work??

This is hard  work for a relationship that wasn’t an intimate one!


So keep  in-mind  your eventual exit strategy you’ll need next time you are agreeing to grabbing a beer with that all-too-eager-to-please waiter who always ‘looks out’ for you and your girls at your fav resto spot… Or your insurance rep who invites you to his family cook out – “just ta kick it”

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