Day #16 | Tech Disconnect

Oct 24, 2015 breakupedia

So I got pissed at myself for having like every product made with that damned piece of fruit on it!

Staring at me like “you NEED me!!” ” you will never be NOTHIN without what I bring you!!” So I boldly abandoned every ounce of my perceived ‘cool’ and what my friends and wife thought and headed off into the tech wilderness looking for another church to worship at..


Can ANYONE hear me now?!?!

 18 months – 6 devices- 3 broken carrier contracts- and a new friend made on Ebay-later….. I am back writing this list even, on that damned demon spawn from the tech orchard!

Yet now I have a semi-long term relationship with a hybrid device but our romance is strictly superficial and on the Surface (Pro 3 that is!)

So it wasn’t all a waste. And I learned that in tech and devices much like love and life – uniformity is not the only way to bliss. Variety- diversity – and the knowledge therein can provide more peace to the inquisitive heart.

But I’ll dump it again if something shiny comes along you just watch!

I-watch I mean..

And it’s already established that individualized coaching can provide a two standard deviation boost in performance.