Day #17 | The NFL & NBA

Oct 25, 2015 breakupedia

Today’s guest mentor shares his sage wisdom on break ups:

When is it time to break up with your favorite sports team? I broke up with the Bulls the day Jordan left…Twice!

Dumped the Cowboys in 98 when Troy, Emmit, and Deon, left. Forever!

 Well alright. Key advice before setting up that next fantasy league team! Keep your heart out of it and be ruthless and avoid clouding your judgement with useless drivel like sentimental loyalty. Damn that! If a team makes some stupid trades or a whack pass attempt into the end zone from the 1 yard line only to be intercepted and lose the freakin Super Bowl …. Drop em! Break up with em like the crazy-eyed girl you brought home on your 32nd birthday because 32 shots made her look hot!!

It’s about real-time checking and feedback within the https://proessaywriting.org/ learning process.