Day #18 | The Business Partner

Oct 26, 2015 breakupedia

Its time emancipate yourself from the business partner that is holding you back, keeping you down or just dulling your shine and they may not even know it and neither do you! That Aha moment usually comes too little too late when they are rich and you are bitter and feeling less-than.

This  is a cautionary tale and call-to-gut-check for everyone out there who has a partner , collaborator, does business with anyone or does deals and dealings in any capacity.

You all know who you are.. You can tell by the burning sensation this one gives you in the pit of your stomach. Unlock your fists and just stop the cycle… Two words are the solution and it’s not “kill them” – sorry- its “DO YOU”

No one to blame believe in trust or praise, but yourself.

Start there!

On the other hand, as pragmatic source soon as they have the content sufficiently mastered they can move to the next lesson right away.