Day #21 | Club of Discontent

Oct 29, 2015 breakupedia

Day 21 break up with your neighborhood bar if it EVER fits this description “Dude, it’s kinda ‘Bro-ey’ up in there!”

Now this vague description is actually very spot-on and literal in its interpretation indicating an establishment frequented by “hipster dufusses” that predicate each sentence with the word “Bro” “Bruh” or worst of all “Brah”

You know that I know that you know what I mean! We have all been in one somewhere sometime.

Run for your life and integrity before you find yourself ironically sipping on an a PBR with a crazy man beard taking over your face while your skinny jeans cut circulation off to your wing tipped toes or worse yet with shorts on! With shorts on…

(Yeah you know who you are!! LOL)

This provides the opportunity to take a look at the site accelerate learning and to quickly identify shortcomings.