Day #24 | My Nutribullet

Nov 01, 2015 breakupedia

So I get no joy from the following break up : show of hands – how many health conscious people own a Nutribullet???

Ok so you know the many many benefits of the shakes they procure. But what you don’t hear in the infomercial or see on the website – “lid may stick like glue”!!

So my wife and I returned home from the gym last night and I was looking forward to a protein shake. I was however chagrined at the fact that our Nutribullet had been locked tight for 3 weeks with the lid from hell that wouldn’t budge.

But much to our surprise we entered the house and discovered the shit-shake that was the 3 week old science experiment – had exploded ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!

Shit scented protein shake on the walls the fridge the tv the microwave and burrowing into the oak floors we treasure so ….

3 hours and endless cleanser and Paper towels later I am fully over my break up with this fucking appliance!

And maybe protein shakes forever in my tastebuds….


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